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How often should a car's fuel injectors be replaced?

The fuel injector is not a part that needs to be replaced on a regular basis, as long as the part is not damaged, it should not be replaced. However, automotive fuel injectors need to be cleaned regularly, every 2 years or 50 to 80 thousand kilometers cleaning once, long-term not cleaning or frequent cleaning fuel injectors will cause bad effects.
Fuel injector environment is easy to generate carbon deposits, some of the carbon will adhere to the fuel injector head, resulting in fuel injector blockage or loose closure. Sometimes this affects the injection Angle, resulting in poor atomization of gasoline. The above situation will affect the quality of the mixture. The result is more carbon deposition, which becomes a vicious circle.
To extend the service life of the fuel injector, it must be done: 1. The fuel used must be clean. 2. The injection pressure and injection advance Angle of the injection pump must be adjusted according to the requirements. 3. Timely maintain and remove the carbon deposit on the fuel injector, check and adjust the fuel injection pressure and atomization quality, and ensure the appropriate atomization cone Angle. 4. When you clean and maintain fuel injectors, you must pay attention to cleaning, and do not exchange pairs of matching needle valves and seats.
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