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Fuel Injector Types and Features

Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines have the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, good economy, less failure and less exhaust pollution. Therefore, most trucks with a loading mass of more than 7t are equipped with diesel engines. In recent years, with the continuous overcoming of the disadvantages of low speed, high quality and high manufacturing and maintenance costs of diesel engine itself, it has been adopted by some imported cars and medium and light trucks.

The injector is directly installed on the cylinder head of the diesel engine, and the head of the injector is in contact with the high-temperature combustion chamber. Its working conditions are very harsh, so it is one of the key components that affects the design index and performance of the diesel engine.

Injectors are generally divided into two types: open type and closed type. The vast majority of automotive diesel engines use closed injectors, and there are three common forms: hole injectors, pin-type injectors and low-inertia injectors.