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What is the role of Fuel Injector?


The fuel injector should be checked and adjusted once after 700 hours of operation. If the opening pressure is lower than the specified value of 1Mpa or more or the head of the needle valve has serious carbon deposits, the needle valve should be removed and put into clean diesel oil to scrape off the carbon deposits with wood chips. The fuel injection pressure difference of each cylinder of the same machine must be less than 1Mpa.


In order to make the diesel fuel injected into the cylinder by the fuel injector to burn completely in time, the fuel supply time of the fuel pump must be checked regularly. If the fuel supply time is too early, the vehicle will have difficulty in starting and the failure of cylinder knocking; if the fuel supply time is too late, the exhaust gas will emit black smoke, the engine temperature will be too high, and the fuel consumption will increase.


The matching precision of the injector needle valve coupler is extremely high, and the diameter of the nozzle hole is very small. Therefore, the specified grade of clean diesel must be selected strictly according to the seasonal changes, otherwise the injector will not work normally.


When cleaning the injector needle valve coupler, do not collide with other hard objects, and do not let it fall to the ground, so as to avoid bumps and scratches. When replacing the injector needle valve coupler, first immerse the new coupler in hot diesel oil at 80°C for about 10 s to fully melt the anti-rust oil, and then twitch the needle valve back and forth in the valve body in clean diesel oil. , Wash it thoroughly, so as to avoid the failure of sticking to the needle valve due to the melting of the anti-rust oil when the injector is working.


 Fuel Injector effect:
1. Increase the oil pressure (constant pressure): increase the injection pressure to 10MPa ~ 20MPa.
2. Control the injection time (timing): inject and stop the injection according to the specified time.
3. Control the fuel injection quantity (quantitative): According to the working condition of the diesel engine, change the fuel injection quantity to adjust the speed and power of the diesel engine.