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Fuel injector leak

Fuel injector leakage faults are generally divided into internal leakage and external leakage.  The reason for the internal leakage of the injector is that it is worn in the early use, which causes it to leak fuel to the intake manifold under the action of the system pressure.  The external leakage of the injector mostly occurs at the connection between the injector and the oil rail, and the sealing surface is mostly sealed.  If gasoline leakage in the intake manifold outside, oil droplets on the cylinder block, when heated, will evaporate in the engine compartment, once there is an electrical spark, can cause a fire at any time, the consequences are very serious.  When the fuel injector internal leakage, will cause the fuel atomization injector injection is not good, causing the engine operation is not smooth, the mixture combustion is not complete, the exhaust pipe smoke phenomenon, and will lead to a significant increase in fuel consumption of the vehicle.  When the external leakage fault of the injector occurs, it will lead to the failure of the engine starting difficulty, idling flameout, power decline, fuel consumption increase, operation surge and bad acceleration.  In addition, when the sealing surface of the injector and intake pipe connection is damaged, it will also lead to leakage of the intake system, resulting in additional air into the engine combustion chamber, resulting in dilute mixture, causing abnormal engine operation.