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Air Flow Meter

In the use of an air flowmeter, a flow of gas passes through the flowmeter to rotate the turbine blades.  The revolution of the impeller is proportional to the volume of gas passing through the air flowmeter.  A specially designed patented flow guide frame is installed at the inlet of the flow meter to accelerate the flow into the flow meter as the flow rate increases.  The guide frame is designed to eliminate any potential fluid disturbances such as eddy currents or asymmetric flows.  The push on the turbine blades also increases.  This ensures that the flowmeter can measure accurately within the allowable error range, even at low flow rates.  The airflow acting on the turbine blades is axial, and the turbine is mounted on the main drive shaft, which is equipped with high-strength ball bearings.  After the gas passes through the turbine blade, the rotation of the turbine blade is slowed down by the gear set.  The pressure in the inlet channel of the air flowmeter is recovered and the channel design ensures optimal flow patterns.