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What does the fuel injector do?


The role of the injector is to inject fuel into the intake manifold or cylinder according to the injection timing and pulse width calculated by the engine ECU.  The injector is actually a solenoid valve, and the ECU controls the operation of the injector by controlling the current flow of its solenoid valve coil.  

In order to ensure the accuracy of the injection, the ball valve or needle valve and valve seat of the injector require high machining accuracy, and the lift of the valve body is small, only about 0.1mm.  If the content of impurities in the fuel is high, or the injector nozzle is blocked by the gel formed for a long time, it will affect the normal operation of the injector, resulting in engine idle instability, difficult to start, lack of power and even stall a variety of faults.  


Fuel injector is an important part to maintain engine operation. It is composed of fuel injector body, fuel injector nozzle, support and spring.  The injector is pumped into the high pressure oil, the injector body produces high pressure action on the nozzle cone, when the oil pressure exceeds the setting value, the nozzle spool opens, the high pressure oil is ejected from the nozzle hole, and the fog is burned into the engine cylinder, making the piston run reciprocating.