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Injector classification


(1) Pin type electromagnetic injector  

During fuel injection, the armature drives the needle valve to rise about 0.1mm from its seat surface, and fuel is ejected from the precision clearance.  In order to fully atomize the fuel, the front end of the needle valve is ground out a section of fuel injection shaft.  The suction and descent time of the injector is about 1 ~ 1.5ms.  

(2) Ball valve type electromagnetic injector  

Ball valve needle light weight, spring preload force is large, can obtain a wider dynamic flow range.  Ball valve with automatic centering function, good sealing.  At the same time, the ball valve simplifies the structure of the metering part, which is helpful to improve the accuracy of fuel injection.  

(3) Plate valve type electromagnetic injector  

Lightweight discs and orifice seats combined with a magnetically optimized injector assembly give the injector a wide dynamic flow range while also being resistant to clogging.  

(4) fuel injector with lower fuel intake  

Using the bottom of the fuel supply way, because the fuel can be around the seat area through the injector cavity from the upper flow, the cooling effect of the injector metering part is very obvious, so it can effectively prevent the gas resistance, improve the reliability of the car hot start.  

In addition, the use of bottom injection fuel injectors can eliminate the need for fuel main, and is conducive to lower costs.