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Fuel injector troubleshooting method


1 little or no oil injection:  

(1) There is air in the oil circuit of the fuel system to remove the air in the high pressure or low pressure oil pipe  

(2) Fuel injection nozzle couple biting grinding or replacement  

(3) If the fuel injection pump is not normal, find out the reason and deal with it according to the troubleshooting method of the fuel injection pump  

(4) High pressure oil pipe leakage tightening nut, oil pipe cracks should be replaced  

(5) Fuel injection nozzle couple wear replacement or repair  

2 low injection pressure:  

(1) If the pressure regulating screw is loose, adjust it to the specified pressure and tighten the locking nut  

(2) pressure regulating spring deformation adjustment or replacement  

(3) Needle valve stuck cleaning or grinding  

(4) Spring seat, ejector rod and other parts wear repair or replacement  

3 Injection pressure is too high:  

(1) The high elastic force of the pressure regulating spring shall be adjusted to the specified pressure according to the provisions, and the lock nut shall be screwed.  

(2) Needle valve sticking, cleaning or grinding.  

(3) the nozzle plug clean the nozzle or replace the nozzle (nozzle).  

4 Fuel injector oil leakage:  

(1) The pressure regulating spring is broken and replaced with a new spring  

(2) The needle body seat surface is damaged and replaced  

(3) Needle valve bite clean grinding or replacement  

(4) Change the line of the tight cap  

(5) The injector body surface wear grinding or replacement  

5 Poor oil spray atomization:  

(1) The injection pressure is low, adjust to the stipulated pressure.  

(2) The nozzle seat surface is damaged or burned, repair or replace.  

(3) There is garbage on the mating surface of the fuel injection nozzle, clean it in time.  

6 Injection line:  

(1) The nozzle hole is blocked with a diameter of 0.2-0.3mm steel wire dredge the nozzle hole.  

(2) Excessive wear of the needle body seat surface replace the new needle body.  

(3) Cleaning and grinding or replacement of needle valve.  

7 Needle valve surface burned or blue-black (diesel engine overheating) check the cooling system, and pay attention to replace the couple.  The diesel engine should not be overloaded for a long time.