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What does the ignition coil do


The ignition coil, as the name suggests, is the key part of the engine that powers the ignition step and ignites the compressed mixture.  The most obvious feature of ignition coil failure is the lack of cylinder, idle speed may have a significant sound of tugging, with the hand on the exhaust pipe feel the most obvious, accompanied by the engine shake badly.  When the car is running, the higher the gear, the more obvious the frustration of the car when the oil is given. The smooth oil is slightly better. In the case of heavy oil, it is the most effective to experience, and even the feeling of extinguishing.  So, convenient car drivers, you can check the fault code in the driving computer.  


The simple explanation of the ignition coil is that it allows the spark plug to "spark" the part of the cylinder that ignites the gas mixture.  In fact, it is a transformer that is responsible for turning the low-voltage current of the vehicle into high-voltage electricity. Under normal circumstances, each cylinder is equipped with a set of ignition coil and spark plug. The ignition coil is generally replaced at 100,000 kilometers or even longer.  


Correct use of ignition coil method:  


The ignition coil, commonly known as the high voltage bag, is like a transformer that converts the battery's power into high voltage, and then the gasoline engine can start.  The fire won't burn without the ignition coil.  


The ignition coil is actually a transformer that converts the car's 12-volt voltage into 20-30,000 volts, which the ignition system uses to ignite the mixture in the cylinder.  


What does the ignition coil do -- 5 symptoms  


1. The cylinder corresponding to the ignition coil will not work, according to the idle shaking refueling door is weak, can not add oil, fault light  


2. The ignition coil leakage, idle speed sometimes shaking may not shake, but the refueling door must be shaking and weak.  


3. Acceleration is sometimes caused by power failure acceleration weak shaking.  


4. When the cylinder is short, the mixture of gasoline and air in the cylinder can not be ignited and will be discharged from the exhaust pipe.  But in fact, the temperature of the exhaust pipe is very high. When the mixed gas reaches the exhaust pipe, it will burn due to the high temperature of the exhaust pipe. At this time, a lot of heat generated by combustion will block the three-way catalytic pores in the exhaust pipe, leading to the failure of the three-way catalytic.  


5. In addition, the ignition coil is broken and there will be severe engine vibration, just like a tractor;  To the oil, the car has no force;  Shake, the high-grade position can not go up;  Broken fault light will light;  Refueling car to sit back, and then forward channeling, car dash, idle engine shake, exhaust gas gasoline smell very big.