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How to solve the slight leakage of ignition coil?


How to solve the slight leakage of ignition coil

The ignition coil with slight leakage can be solved by adding a rubber pad: 
1.The wire post bolts can be removed and cleaned first; 
2.Three pieces of rubber are used as leakage prevention pads.
3.Put the rubber pad on the bolt, then install the wire, and finally add a washer to tighten the nut.

However, when the leakage current of the ignition coil is generally serious, and the installation of rubber pads cannot be eliminated, it can be insulated by pouring asphalt. The specific steps are as follows: 
1.Use a thin iron sheet to make a slightly larger ring similar to the shape of the ignition coil.
2.Put the loop on the top of the coil, and lead the three wire connectors out of the loop. 
3.Pour the melted asphalt into it. After the asphalt solidifies, reassemble the line. If the leakage is serious and has affected the power of the car, it is recommended to replace it in time.

It is recommended to replace the ignition coil with serious leakage and affecting the power of the car in time.