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Car Ignition DistributorCar Ignition DistributorCar Ignition Distributor

The Ignition system distributor is a very important part of the car engine. It serves many important purposes and can be the cause of several engine problems if left uncared for.

An ignition system distributor receives electricity from the ignition coil and sends a high voltage pulse to the correct cylinder’s spark plug. Engine timing is crucial in order for the engine to run smoothly. Distributors synchronize high voltage pulses with a cap and rotor. High voltage from the ignition coil is connected to the rotor, which rotates inside the distributor cap. The tip of the rotor spins past multiple contact points inside the cap, one contact point per cylinder. As the rotor passes each contact point, high voltage arcs over the small gap between the tip of the rotor and the contact point, sending an electric pulse to the spark plug of the appropriate cylinder and beginning the combustion process in the cylinder.

Car Ignition Distributor

Because of the significance of flawless engine timing, most engines today use computers to time the electric pulses that initiate a spark in each cylinder. This is done by the ECU knowing the firing order of the motor by looking at the cam or crank angle sensor.

There are even distributor upgrades to provide more spark and better burn. This results in MORE POWER and better MPG's. The following are some of the brands we trust: