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How does the injector work?


The working principle of the injector is: high pressure oil enters through the injector oil supply port pump, and the injector body produces high pressure on the injector cone. When the oil pressure exceeds the setting value, the injector spool is opened, and the high pressure oil is ejected from the nozzle hole and burns in the engine cylinder in a fog shape, so that the piston reciprocates. 

Injector is composed of injector body, injector nozzle, support and spring, its classification is: 

1, needle type electromagnetic injector; 

2, ball valve type electromagnetic injector; 

3, solenoid valve type injector; 

4, the lower oil inlet injector. 

The role of automobile injector: according to the injection timing and pulse width calculated by the engine ecu, injection fuel into the intake manifold or cylinder.