Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101
  • Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101
  • Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101

Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101

The following is about Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101.

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Product Description

Engine-specific adjustments for reduced emissions and less fuel consumption        


BAIXINDE fuel injectors feature excellent tightness that is measured by means of a special high-precision measurement technology developed by BAIXINDE. Leakage values reduced by factor 10 compared with the former industry-specific threshold are specified.


BAIXINDE fuel injectors can be used all over the world as the material is also resistant against impure and aggressive fuel with a high portion of ethanol and methanol.Fuel injectors are nozzles that deliver a high-pressure spray of fuel that mixes with air on the intake stroke of your engine's pistons. A failed injector can cause a regular misfire, rough idle, poor fuel economy, roughness or loss of power (and will register a trouble code that will illuminate the Check Engine light). If you've pinned down a drivability problem to a failed.Therefore which u choose a good fuel injector is very important.


BAIXINDE BRAND Fuel Injector with the various oems. for example the Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101 and other fuel injectors….Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101 Fits Toyota Aygo Citroen C1 Peugeot 107


Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101

This is a set of 6 remanufactured Nissan fuel injector, OEM unit not aftermarket or China knockoff, that fits the following:

NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 3.5 6
NISSAN ALTIMA 2003 3.5 6
NISSAN MAXIMA 2002 3.5 6
NISSAN MAXIMA 2003 3.5 6
NISSAN MURANO 2003 3.5 6

Good factor : Reduced leakage values compared with industry-specific thresholds

Flexible : Engine-specific installation andspray characteristics

Versatile : Ethanol resistance allows worldwide use

Low weight : Usually  the  weight  is  about  50g-200g….

 Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101

Inside a fuel injector

When the injector is energized, an electromagnetmoves a plunger that opens the valve, allowing the pressurized fuel to squirt out through a tiny nozzle. The nozzle is designed to atomize the fuel -- to make as fine a mist as possible so that it can burn easily.The amount of fuel supplied to the engine is determined by the amount of time the fuel injector stays open. This is called the pulse width, and it is controlled by the ECU.The injectors are mounted in the intake manifold so that they spray fuel directly at the intake valves. A pipe called the fuel rail supplies pressurized fuel to all of the injectors.In order to provide the right amount of fuel, the engine control unit is equipped with a whole lot of sensors. Let's take a look at some of them.

Fuel Injector OEM FBJC101

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