• Fuel Injector

    Fuel Injector is a precision device with very high processing accuracy, which requires a large dynamic flow range, strong anti-blocking and anti-pollution capabilities, and good atomization performance.

    The Fuel Injector receives the fuel injection pulse signal from the ECU to precisely control the fuel injection amount.

    Fuel Injector's spray characteristics include atomization particle size, oil mist distribution, oil beam direction, range, and diffusion cone angle. These characteristics should meet the requirements of the diesel combustion system in order to complete the formation and combustion of the mixture, an
    > Fuel Injector OEM 23250-74210
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  • Air Flow Meter

    Air Flow Meter is a device that converts the flow of inhaled air into an electrical signal. The advantage of the air flow meter is that the pressure loss is extremely small, and the measurable flow range is large.

    The ratio of the maximum flow to the minimum flow of the Air Flow Meter is generally 20: 1 or more. The applicable industrial pipe diameter range is wide, up to 3m. The output signal and the measured flow are linear, with high accuracy, and the measured conductivity is ≥1μs / cm of acid, alkali, salt solution, water, sewage, corrosive liquid, and fluid flow of mud, mineral slurry.

    There are three main types of Air Flow Meter: magnetic induction, Hall effect, and photoelectric.
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  • Crankshaft Sensor

    The role of the Crankshaft Sensor is to determine the position of the crankshaft, that is, the rotation angle of the crankshaft and the engine speed.

    The Crankshaft Sensor usually works in conjunction with a camshaft position sensor—determining the basic ignition timing.

    Crankshaft Sensor is calculated by the signals of the crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor. Through the crankshaft position sensor, you can know which cylinder piston is at top dead center, and through the camshaft position sensor, you can know which cylinder piston is in the compression stroke.
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  • tire pressure

    factory tire pressure sensor tpms for Mazda Nissan Hyundai BMW VW Mercedes benz mitsubishi Ford Toyota 
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Guangzhou Chengben Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, which is it is the import and export trade co., Ltd., of Chengben group.and the Group has its brand such as the BAIXINDE,HERA and so on. Over through more then twenty years, working through the form and operation of the Internet + manufacturer + entity store,successful achieved the business of B2B, B2C, O2O and other modes... and it has become the VIP member of ALIBABA group for more than ten years. CHENGBEN sales market has distributed globally. And win the wide praise and high reputation from both domestic and foreign customers. CHENGBEN Main products are: TPMS( tire pressure monitoring sensor); ignition coil;fuel injector; air flow meter; ABS sensor; knock sensor; crankshaft sensor; speed motor;throttle sensor; oxygen sensor; switch; airbag sensor.etc...
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With 20 years of experience, we have a number of test equipment such as tire nozzle testers.

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Latest News

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    Injector troubleshooting

    Poor sealing of the needle valve and the needle valve body, resulting in poor atomization or dripping of the injector.

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    Introduction of the injector

    When the solenoid is energized, the suction is generated, the needle valve is sucked up, the nozzle is opened, and the fuel is passed...

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  • How to clean the injector? alt=

    How to clean the injector?

    This method utilizes the pressure and circulation network of the original system of the engine, and replaces the fuel combustion...

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